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Team Garwood has completed Challenge Roth in a time of
14 hours 56 minutes and 31 seconds

16:55 - Team Garwood on the marathon course

After the special tandem bike, it is now a wheelchair that Team Garwood uses to pass the last 42,2 kilometers on the marathon course. To the Main-Donau-Channel and back to Roth. The enthusiastic support of the spectators should carry the duo to the finish line in time for the "Finishline-Party".

16:13 - Team Garwood on their way to Roth


It's been a long day for father and son, but now they are on their last kilometers, on their way back to Roth. But there, a marathon awaits the duo from South Africa.

14:35 - Team Garwood past the Calvary

Father Kevin and son Nicholas have made the second succ

essful ascent of the Calvary in Greding. Now the last tough spot for them will be the Solarer Hill. After that Nicholas will be in his wheelchair in the marathon course. Kevin shows incredible energy.

10:00 - Good race for Kevin Garwood

Kevin Garwood is very well prepared for the bike course: HIs excat plans are laid out at the Bike-Cut-Off. The athlete from South Africa and his son are having a great race so far. together they have reached km 50. The great atmosphere along the course helps them to keep up their strong performance.

7:45 - Kevin Garwood out of the water

Team Garwood from South Africa have their first race in Roth. Kevin Garwood has finished the first 3,8 km of their special journey after 1:15:37 h. Supported by volunteers he now gets on the special tandem to take on the 180 km bike course. Nicholas is thrilled with the crowds support and waves back to them. What a father-son-team!

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Ironman SA 2013


Kevin and Nikki Garwood complete

Ironman South Africa 2013












Team Garwood Supports the Chaeli Campaign

ChaeliThis year we are cycling the Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour with the Chaeli Campaign. The Chaeli Campaign was founded by Chaeli Mycroft, her sister, Erin and family friends, Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea Terry because of Chaeli's need for a motorised wheelchair. Read more...

Perseverance to Ironman 70.3 2013

Thumb-70-3Our training leading up to 70.3 was not without hiccups; however, it was without injury. What did go well and I am really grateful for is doing my swim training with Peter Williams. Peter is one of the top swim coaches in the country and rightfully so. With this I have improved my swimming strength, endurance, technique and speed. This proved to be the factor to our victory.


Team Garwood is now on YouTube

youtube-logosmallKevin and Nikki now have a YouTube channel.

So far there are three videos uploaded. View them at this link or search for Team Garwood.

Joburg CityTri: 5 February 2012

Joburg-City-Tri-logoThis was not expected to be a great race, because of my long distance training that I am doing. I did a 123km Ride on Saturday with Nicholas and wanted to do the ride at about a pace that I would hope to do on Ironman. I wanted to do a good swim.


Spec-Savers Ironman 70.3 2012: 22 January 2012

Thumb-70-3I write this with mixed emotions. We could not have asked for better weather conditions on the day. We knew the day before that the sea conditions would be favourable for a good swim and they were.


BSG Energade Tri Vanderbijlpark 2011: 4 December 2011

BSG-logoThe morning started with weather conditions that threatened rain and so we put Nikki's rain gear on. Then the sun came out and Nikki decided that this was too much and so we changed into a lighter wind jammer.


Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2011: 20 November 2011

Small-logo-94-7We were not sure what the weather conditions were going to be like. It seemed as if we were going to have a mix of conditions including rain. This was not the case and one has to say conditions were perfect even with the windy conditions that we experienced around Johannesburg centre.


BSG Energade Midmar: 30 Oct 2011

BSG-logoIt was good to get to go to a different venue for a change. So this was our first race at Midmar. The weather was just about perfect for the race with temperatures expected to reach 27°C. Read more...

BSG Energade Potch 2011

BSG-logoOnce again the registration process was slick and the event well organized. This is really a good series to do. Maybe they will consider making the swim 750m next year for all and not just the elites, making it a proper sprint triathlon.


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